Benchmarking is one part of the process of making needs assessment more systematic.  Many topics within the JSNA will compare local indicators with those in other areas.

This section compares 32 indicators from Public Health England's Health Profiles 2013 to look at differences and similarities with similar areas.  Full details of comparisons are available in Measuring up: benchmarking Tees Valley 2013, with a locality-specific version available: Measuring up: benchmarking Hartlepool 2013.

Comparing Hartlepool with a range of similar areas

Considering the indicators in the domains in which they appear in the Health Profiles can help to see if differences tend to be in one or more domains.

Indicators ordered as they appear in Health Profiles

Hartlepool benchmark table 2013, unordered


Considering the indicators ordered by frequency of being worse can help to prioritise areas where indicators are more commonly different than in similar authorities.

Indicators ordered by frequency of being worse in Hartlepool than elsewhere

Benchamrking table for Hartlepool, 2013, sorted


Comparing Hartlepool with its nearest neighbour, Halton


The Indices of Deprivation (ID) 2010 show Hartlepool as the 24th most deprived local authority in England; Halton is 27th.

Comparing detailed rate differences between Hartlepool and its nearest neighbour, Halton, shows many indicators where rates are broadly similar, but others where differences are apparent.

Comparing Hartlepool with Halton (rates)

Comparing Hartlepool and Halton (rates)


Comparing Hartlepool with Halton and England (numbers)

The table below provides an indication of the number of people who would be affected if Halton or England rates are applied to Hartlepool.  As a near neighbour, with a similar level of deprivation and in the same 'Industrial Hinterlands' ONS group, achieving rates similar to those seen in Halton would only move Hartlepool minimally towards the England average.

Comparing Hartlepool, Halton and England (numbers)


What might be priority topics for health improvement?

The indicators where Hartlepool is worse than many benchmark areas are:

  • Long-term unemployment - the rate of working age people who have been out of work for more than one year.  See the Employment topic for further details.
  • Breastfeeding initiation.  See the Diet and nutrition topic for further details.