Middlesbrough JSNA


We have pleasure in sharing with you the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA) for Middlesbrough.  It has been developed jointly by Middlesbrough Council and NHS Middlesbrough.  Both organisations have a statutory responsibility to carry out a JSNA, providing a detailed insight into the health and well-being needs - now and in the future - of people living in Middlesbrough.

The JSNA helps us to understand the key issues we face in improving the health and wellbeing of our population.  As we enter a period where we face significant budgetary pressures and as organisations go through major restructuring, intelligence-led decision making and commissioing will be critically important.  Middlesbrough's JSNA is an essential aid in informing our service development.

The JSNA is not a 'once and for all' statement of our priorities.  Moving to a web-based JSNA means it can be regularly updated and new priorities will inevitably emerge to reflect changing needs.  There will be opportunities for everyone to feed in to its future developments.

Edward Kunonga

Director of Public Health

Middlesbrough Borough Council