Life expectancy

For the past 20 year, life expectancy in Redcar & Cleveland has tended to increase.  In Redcar & Cleveland, since 1993-95, male life expectancy has increased by 5.8 years and for females it has increased by 3.7 years.  In England the corresponding increases have been 5.3 and 3.7 years, respectively.  Local life expectancy is improving, similar to the national rate for females and more rapidly than the national rate for males.  This indicates a narrowing of the male health gap between Redcar & Cleveland and England.  The reduction in life expectancy in recent years is a concern and requires monitoring.  Previous reductions have been observed and may be part of natural variation.

 Life expectancy at birth trend, Redcar & Cleveland

Life expectancy at age 65 estimates of the number of years still to be lived by a person who has reached the age 65.  For example, if life expectancy at 65 is 20 years, on average people aged 65 will live to be 85 years old.

Since 2000-02, life expectancy at 65 in Redcar & Cleveland has increased.  These increases are at a higher rate than the gains seen in England as a whole.  In 2000-02, male life expectancy at 65 in Redcar & Cleveland was 94.9% of the England value.  In 2013-15 it was up to 96.6% of the England value.  Similarly, for women in Redcar & Cleveland life expectancy at 65 was 95.7% of the England value in 2000-02, but increased to 97.1% of the England value in 2013-15.

It is notable that local male life expectancy at 65 as remained unchanged since 2009-11, but has continued to increase nationally.

 Life expectancy at 65 trend, Redcar & Cleveland

Male life expectancy remains lower than female life expectancy both at birth and at age 65 years.


Ward-level life expectancy

Within Redcar & Cleveland, male life expectancy is significantly lower than England for six of the twenty-two wards.  It is significantly higher in two wards.  For females it is lower in seven wards and higher in one ward.

Male life expectancy in South Bank ward is 6.7 years lower than England and 12.5 years lower than Hutton.

Female life expectancy in South Bank ward is 4.3 years lower than England and 7.0 years lower than Longbeck.

Ward life expectancy, males, Redcar & Cleveland

Ward life expectancy, females, Redcar & Cleveland